I love color and texture.  I started painting as a young child but moved into quilting to satisfy this love.  Eventually, I began painting on my quilts which nudged me back into painting on canvas and panel instead.  Now, I work primarily in oils, acrylics, and pastels.  I typically make my own panels and canvases.  I often do underpaintings in greens or a limited palette of renaissance inspired colors.  Then I will use a series of glazes to give depth and richness to the colors.  I see my work as a vehicle for understanding the human condition.  I often weave mythical stories and legends into my work as a way of increasing both complexity and ambiguity in what I am saying through my art.   I want my work to make a viewer laugh, cry, or question what they are seeing.   

Finally, I believe that my best work is always ahead of me.  I am always experimenting with materials, reading about techniques, and working with various artists to expand my knowledge.